We appreciate your visit to our new website. We would like to have all the useful information about our products available to you through the internet. We will try to keep our site updated on all our new products.

Our website is currently under construction. We are working hard on allowing you to access our complete range of products in the shortest amount of time possible.

point pelletsIn the meantime, you can contact us by telephone: 52 (33) 3812-0854 and by fax: 52 (33) 3812-0393 as usual. We will also be delighted to receive an email from you to our email address: and also via messenger through the following email address:

If you still don´t know our company and the internet has been the means by which you have heard about us for the first time, we beg of you to contact us so we can listen to what you want and to answer all your questions. We are entirely at your disposition to help you.

Now, we would like to give you a little bit of information about our company. Our company was founded by Mr. Luis Jimenez Franco more than 50 years ago. We specialize in everything concerning pellets for air guns of all brands, models, and sizes. Our brand´s names are PELLETS and COPITAS. We also manufacture for different national and international brands.

EXXPRESSOur office is located at:
Calle 2A #2187
Colonia Ferrocarril
C.P. 44440
Guadalajara, Jalisco

TEL: 52 (33) 3812-0854
FAX: 52 (33) 3812-0393